Why locate a company in the UK?

The UK has become the most desired place in Europe for companies to locate their businesses, with many looking to stay a step ahead of their competitors and take advantage of the generous tax rates offered for incorporated companies. Incorporation in the UK does not have many special requirements, neither requiring British citizenship nor UK residence – making it a very straightforward and simple process. Other benefits include freeing you from ever increasing tax rates, asset protection, higher interest rates, and the peace of mind that your money is well protected, and readily available. You will also have easy access to potential customers – with UK based companies boasting a network exceeding 500 million customers across Europe alone, and the simplicity of worldwide trade makes the UK an essential place to do business.

A breakdown of the benefits

  • Asset Protection (including personal assets)
  • One person can be a director and shareholder, and a director abroad may take dividends without further UK tax payment after paying company corporation tax
  • Low incorporation fees and no paid up capital required
  • You can choose your own unique company name
  • Corporations are amongst the most reputable company structures and benefit from a good reputation worldwide – especially with banks, improving financial stability
  • The UK benefits from a vast pool of highly skilled workers, and a workforce of over 30 million people, making it the ideal place to start a new business.
  • The UK retains a stable and powerful economy – perfect to gain investors and save money
  • Excellent transport links – with substantial investment of around £120 billion only set to improve this further

What do we offer?

Name check. Preparation of by-laws, articles and registration forms. Certificate of incorporation. Premium binder with all certificates. Minutes of board meetings. Register of directors. Registered address (yearly fee). Register of shareholders.

Together with one of the largest banks in the world we offer Royal Dream International guests the full range of international banking and specially designed investment programs. These programs include UK banking and/or offshore customized portfolio services. 


You will have the full support of a professional service team and the option for personal one-to-one service. The team can also handle all telephone answering, mail handling, web design, exhibition services, promotions campaigns, business contracts, formation of offshore companies, opening of offshore accounts, and boast the best accountant services in the whole of the UK – making the incorporation as simple and as effective as possible for your company.

Requirements to open a UK Company

 In order to open a UK Company, we will need the following:

• At least 3 company names to ensure availability
• A copy of a valid passport
• A utility bill from the past 2 months
• The name of the directors and the shareholders (if there are multiple shareholders, we also require a copy of their passports and utility bills)

Royal Dream Int. will provide you with all the Companies House requirements and also you will get a London address. This will also be your registered address and will be included in the yearly fee. All your mail will be sent to this address and from our office in London we will forward your mail to the address of your choice anywhere in the world.

The invoice includes the following company formation services

• Name check
• Preparation of by-laws
• Preparation of articles
• Preparation of registration forms
• filing with the Register of Companies
• Payment of filing fees
• Certificate of incorporation
• Premium binder with all certificates
• Minutes of board meetings
• Register of directors
• Register of shareholders
• Registered address
• Support of a professional service team
• Personal one to one service
• Mail handling

With the UK leaving the EU, there really is no better time to invest into a UK company and bank account, and we will assist you with all your transactions and transfers, making it an essential next step to protecting your financial well-being.